Acuity Polymers is dedicated to bringing to market the highest quality GP materials for the specialty lens industry. Using novel state-of-the-art process technology, Acuity produces highly consistent products that meet very tight specifications.

Acuity Polymers is developing a full range of fluoropolymers, from low and mid Dk up to high and hyper Dk GP materials suitable for all types of designs and wearing modalities.  Acuity Polymers' rigid gas permeable (GP) materials are produced using state-of-the-art manufacturing systems to ensure high reproducibility and excellent machining. These premium products are derived from chemistries that have undergone many years of successful on-eye performance. New materials are in development to bring ever better performance characteristics.

Acuity Polymers has a very well equipped R&D lab and access to additional analytical resources on the campus of Eastman Business Park, where Acuity Polymers is located. Within a short drive are supporting resources at Rochester Institute of Technology, and University of Rochester.  Led by Jim Bonafini, the research team is composed of experts with years of experience both inside polymer companies such as Bausch and Lomb, as well as in specialty lens manufacturing.

All materials are first tested in house and then refined in cooperation with several industry partners serving as test manufacturing sites.  All product development follows the quality management system requirements of ISO 13485:2016.


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Our first FDA cleared material, Acuity 100 is featured as the workhorse material for today’s most advanced corneal and scleral gas permeable contact lenses. The material’s excellent machining and optical properties make is ideal for the wide breadth of specialty designs offered by custom contact lens laboratories.  The high Dk offers fitters and patients the confidence of exceptional oxygen delivery for the protection of ocular health.

Available in standard and large diameter options, and in a number of handling tints. 

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A mid Dk (58) fluorosilicone acrylate GP material that provides exceptional durability, and excellent vision, wetting and deposit resistance. Fitting/manufacturing characteristics similar to Acuity 18. Great for irregular cornea, presbyopia, hyperopia, astigmatism and corneas with high oxygen demand.

Available in blue, ice blue, green, and grey tints.

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A low Dk (21) fluorosilicone acrylate GP material formulated to provide outstanding machinability and stability. The lens material delivers excellent wettability and optics.  Acuity 18 is an ideal material for thin lens designs.

Available in blue, ice blue, green and grey handling tints.

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