"Bringing Acuity 200 into my practice was a real revelation."

"I had the opportunity to fit scleral lenses produced with this new polymer in particularly challenging situations, greatly meeting my patients’ need for comfortable wear and protection of ocular health, both in grafted corneas or in keratoconic conditions. A successful fit on a penetrating keratoplasty where the cornea is bulging, permitted me to win at 2020 GSLS in Las Vegas with the best clinical photography." testimonial1-1

Specialty Contact Lens Fitter - Italy


"Acuity 200 is the perfect choice for my scleral lens patients..."

"In my daily work as a contact lens specialist in an eye hospital, for me healthy eyes are the exception. I encounter irregular corneas or people with severe dry eye syndrome. The new material Acuity 200 is the perfect choice for these cases. Due to the material’s robustness, the scleral lenses retain their shape over a longer period. Comfort is prolonged, and with a DK of 200 - wonderful!"

Specialty Contact Lens Fitter - Germany


"This new generation material overcomes many physiological problems..."

“When you are working in a highly specialized contact lens referral setting with more than 50% of the fits being RGP lenses, lens material plays a significant role. Many of these cases are very challenging and the only solution to their visual problems are well fitted lenses.

Using standard lens materials for these complicated lens designs and powers frequently causes undesired physiological changes in the cornea, limbal region and conjunctiva and may lead to reduced wearing time.

Having worked with this new generation material since 2018, many of these physiological problems have been overcome. The Acuity 200 material has made such a significant change in the way we design lenses that we never look back to what we thought was “the good old days”.

The new generation materials bring back the fun in RGP fitting and certainly the lens acceptance by the patients.”

Specialty Contact Lens Fitter - Denmark


"“Fogging” seemed to vanish overnight with this new material..."

“We have been using Acuity 200 for approximately three years now for both scleral and corneal lens designs. Since we introduced the Acuity materials to our range, it has become the ‘go to’ material for most of our clients.

With a Dk of 200, fitters are assured of having the highest Dk transmission available for their patients, and Acuity 200 eradicates a lot of the problems previously encountered with gas permeable materials. As a lens manufacturer, reports of lenses with surface wettability problems was one of our biggest headaches. For many of our clients, the main reason for moving over to Acuity 200 was the wettability. All their previous problems with the lenses ‘fogging’ seemed to vanish overnight with this material. Happy optometrists and happy patients.

Not only is the final product better but the manufacturing of lenses is easier. A smoother machined surface leads to minimal polishing and less handling in general. This of course results in a reduction in manufacturing time. An all-round winner, thanks Acuity!"

Specialty Contact Lens Manufacturer - South Africa



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