Acuity Polymers is a proud supporter of the GP Lens Institute (GPLI), a non-profit organization dedicated to providing education and practice building resources to eye care professionals to enable them to fully benefit
from the many advantages of specialty GP and custom soft contact lenses.

The complimentary GPLI live webinars typically take place on the third Tuesday of each month.

View the 2022 GPLI Webinars Schedule Here to select a webinar and register to attend a live webinar.

Videos can be accessed later on the Archived Webinars webpage.

14 Jun 2022
***Spherical and Toric GP Lens Design, Fitting, and Problem-Solving
— Ed Bennett, OD, MSEd, FAAO, FSLS
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19 Jul 2022
***How to Incorporate Orthokeratology into Contact Lens Practice
— Roxanna Potter, OD, FAAO, FSLS
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16 Aug 2022
***Specialty Contact Lens Grand Rounds: The Decision-Making Process
— Tiffany Andrzejewski, OD, FAAO and John Gelles, OD, FAAO, FIAOMC, FCLSA, FSLS, FBCLA
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23 Aug 2022
***Expanding Your Practice through Education: Becoming a Specialty Contact Lens Externship Site
— Panelists: John D. Gelles, OD, FAAO, FIAOMC, FCLSA, FSLS, FBCLA, S. Barry Eiden, OD, FAAO, FSLS, Marsha M. Malooley, OD, FAAO, and Ashley Tucker, OD, FAAO, FSLS, Dipl. ABO; Moderator: Gloria B. Chiu, OD, FAAO, FSLS; Special Guest: Edward S. Bennett OD, MSEd, FAAO FSLSAO
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20 Sep 2022
***Scleral Lens Research and Clinical Implications
— Gloria Chiu, OD, FAAO, FSLS
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18 Oct 2022
***Custom Soft Lens Update
— Matt Lampa, OD, FAAO
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15 Nov 2022
***Contact Lens Care and Compliance Update

20 Dec 2022
***Corneal Cross-Linking and Contact Lenses: The Decision-Making Process

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